yao ming sporting some nice kicks(?)

Jun 9, 2007

not bad for reebok. decent shoes for a big guy like him
Adidas LS right? Because those sure do look like 3 stripes to me.
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holdin it down for all the fat peeps on NT

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those like just the the Nike Elites from last year
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^^^ i was gonna say they look like the elites...hmm yao pe's...might have to go find a pair...those look aight
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IMO modern sneakers all look the same for the most part, I think that's why people are so into the "retro" kicks nowadays.
Does KY stand for Kentucky? I've heard stupid people stories coming from that state but not stupid blind yet...until now! That picture SCREAMS Reebok from top to bottom!!!

So all I was saying is that if you look at the outsoles close to the toe caps, these shoes look very similar. Also if you look in the lateral of Yao's shoe you will see 3 stripes, in a similar location to the three stripes on the lightspeed. Yes I clearly see that this is a Reebok shoe. There are many other features that don't look anything like the lightspeed or any other Adidas shoe, I was just making an observation about parts of this shoe. However, I can see how that might be confusing to some people.
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well adidas does own reebok so.....
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I think if you guys saw a better shot of the lateral side of the shoe...you will come to realize that, that shoe looks nothing like the Adidas TS....which is not knock on any shoe btw.
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