young thug... Barter 6 out.

Joined Sep 8, 2015
All I said is for you to keep it real, each and every day
Aww, darling, yeah....
Plain Jane AP with a Cuban link to match it
Diamonds on me dancin', got me lookin' like Michael Jackson
I don't want you dead, that's that Fed talk
Most these n***** polices like Matlock
Armani the jeans, Gucci shirt on, cover my spleen
I can't get enough of codeine
If you make me stop, just know you'll owe me
Good p****, good money, good genes
I just wanna show you love
I'm the one that got you Frank Chesters
I don't want the time to be up, yeah
I don't wanna find new love
Like a G4, like a G5, you get fly-y-y
You a real one, such a real one, oh my, my, my
Never stop, it's always go
Send me nudes when I'm on the road
Send me nudes when I'm on the road, baby
Watch 'em before and after the show baby
Your body shaped just like a Coke, baby
But you already know....
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