Your album of the year so far - 1/3 the year is done

Sep 21, 2002
I'm gonna go with Dream - Love vs Money, I'm a huge fan

post your fav album so far this year, mixtapes included
My vote goes to The Dream album also

Mixtape: Road Til The Casket Drops

Looking forward to Crimes Pays
I haven't heard many 2009 albums but from what I have heard, I think Dom's new joint is the best.
Can't even front ima have to say So Far Gone....*puts on flame suit* i know its a mixtape but homie could've made this an official album if he wanted
As far as Hip Hop goes:

1.Diamond District - In The Ruff
2. Curren$y - This Aint No Mixtape
3. Joe Budden - Padded Room
4. Zion I - Takeover
5. Ross - Deeper Than Rap

Nothing is even close to seeing The Diamond District ablum, dumping fecal matter anyone and everything.

Was overwhelmingly disappointed in The Last Kiss and that new CNN

I still need to give Born Like This a spin though.
Asher Roth- Asleep in the Bread Aisle
The Dream- Love Vs. Money
Silversun Pickups- Swoon

..... haven't heard Ross yet but from what I'm hearing its pretty dope
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