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    Welp 3a not having visual core really makes it suck for social media sharing. Not even that active online but when I do post I don't want trash shots lol. Went back to the 2 lol. Phone also felt a lil too big.
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    Speaking of plateauing, just copped a Pixel 3a xl for 279 after years of an iPhone 7 Plus. Been using a Pixel 2 for a few weeks and now this will hold me over until the next wave of devices come out, that camera tho :smokin
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    2018 Air Jordan 1 High OG Shadow

    Wow stockx deaded the new user coupon for sneakers at least on my end smh
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    Air Jordan III OG Black Cement returns Feb 2018 - Nike Air on the back

    Hit on two 6.5 but no 10.5 lol
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    Apple iPhone thread| We on iPhone 12

    Idk what it was on before but My SE is still on 10.3.3. Unless it upgraded from something lower I figured it would have updated to 11 dot whatever.
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    Apple iPhone thread| We on iPhone 12

    Woke up this mornin to my iPhone on the welcome screen and had to relogin to my Apple account to get into my phone. But it didn't update. Was I compromised or what? RIP?
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    This "thing" happened 10 minutes from me. So much conflicting information idk what to believe. I could see a coverup with how the PD has gon about the case to now. I could also see a PD that doesn't normally handle high profile cases making poor judgement decisions. Those hotel employees...
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    IT JUST GOT REAL....... Oreos thread EDIT: SMORES IS BACK!!!

    OreoXPopRocks!? Didn't cop tho
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    That BB Keyone looking like a move once that price drop assuming the initial impressions hold up. 8o
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    Prison Break reboot may be coming soon Vol. Fox River

    Grave yard bump. On Fox now.
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    Jordan Retro 1 OG Royal returns April 1 2017

    Really surprised I didn't hit anything given my proximity to Chicago and what I would imagine is a decent allocation. Who hit at woodfield/Chicagoland area?
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    Official 2021 Chicago Cubs Season Thread (10-9)

    Cubs always seem to give the Reds the business lol.
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    Have you met anyone famous? Who is nice? Who is a jerk?

    Dapped up Jimmy Butler in JBC in River North before he blew himself up.
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    Official NT Cologne Thread: Current Splits *check most current page* HTTP is an online exclusive by

    I'd be interested in a 10 of new haarlem as well if you do
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    This Z Droid already isn't as snappy as it once was, and the camera is pretty buns in low light. Too many apps? Don't feel like factory resetting and setting it back up
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