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    Happy 15th Niketalk!

    Fifteen years is very crazy. I only see a handful of names here that I remember, but I was the moderator of the Retro Forum back in the day. When I got involved with Niketalk, I was young. Now, I'm not. That's crazy too. It's been way more than a minute since I've posted. And that's partially...
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    Fresh prince of bel air pack puma

    Confirmed that the shoes are canceled globally. Sorry y'all.
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    New Ari Mtnthol 10 *PICS*

    ^ You need to see them in person before being comfortable making a statement like that.
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    A Tribe Called Quest Puma

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    Please join me in welcoming Collie27 as the new Moderator of the Nike Retro Forum. Collie is the man, and has tremendous knowledge in the area of vintage and retro sneakers of all kinds. I encourage everyone to use him as a resource in this regard. Collie27's addition to Niketalk's staff will...
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    Pics of the 2's

    The shape is looking extremely suspect.
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    NTers A MUST READ!!, Inside Information

    Thats an interesting memo, but Mr. Hill should consult Nike's general counsel, because a lot of that information is incorrect from a legal perspective. Among other things, his definition of "material non-public information" wrong.
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    That's impressive. I go with the black toe Jordan I too. I am also partial to my Forums.
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    Philadelphia Sneaker Guide

    Joe is from South Jersey. He don't know steaks. Abners is good though. You're talking game, Joe. I expect you to break out the hibachi at the next summit. And he's right. Philly got raped by Japan (and Germany, actually), so there isn't much left. But I disagree about Ubiq. Yes, it's...
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    Comments on Wall Street Journal article

    No, the guys who run Crookedtongues are not 14 and 15. I know Kahma, and I'm pretty sure he's old enough to drive on the wrong side of the road.
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    Philadelphia Sneaker Guide

    Chelten was hot in 1991. It doesn't have jack anymore. And Pat's kills Jim's. Jim's is a tourist trap. But I guess Pat's vs. Jim's (vs. Geno's) is an age old debate.
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    Philadelphia Sneaker Guide

    All of the real down low spots in Philly have been raped. No real finds to be had. The best spot currently is Ubiq, where Shenk Bros. used to be in the lower level of the Gallery.
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    Comments on Wall Street Journal article

    Oh, by the way. Get ready to start paying taxes, Ewayz.
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    NikeTalk and Sneakerpimp(Ewayz) on the cover of WSJ...

    That is fantastic.
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    Information about Orders

    I'm filing my fraud report as we speak. I wish there were a way to warn people about this company. P.S. Their e-mail address is no longer good. I'm not mad at you, Chill, but how can you even consider defending scam artists like this?
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