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    Nike React Presto

    Very excited about these, what does the react feel like? Never owned a pair with react.
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    ***Official Political Discussion Thread***

    I would say there is some merit to the theory that DNC want as many candidates as possible to split votes between Warren and Bernie. Continue to make them look outside the "mainstream"
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    I'm gonna have to check out Marshall's/Ross for those Huaraches. Anyone know if Grapevine Mills or Allen has the Melo Jordan XIII?
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    Nike Zoom Kobe 1 Protro February 17th 2018

    Appreciate the post about the Purple Reigns, got em for under 125 shipped!
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    Chris brown arrested in Paris over rape allegation

    Woulnd't be surprsied if Rihanna was paid to keep quiet about it. Honestly regardless of how much you care about someone, could you just forgive and forget what he did to her.
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    Chris brown arrested in Paris over rape allegation

    I really don't get a lot of these responses. Rape is very rarely because "a guy can't get any", it is almost always a power/control move as you said. Chris Brown has serious issues with his mental health and dealing with controlling his "partners". All anyone needs to do is read the detailed...
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    More Air Prestos?

    Appreciate it, put some bids on StockX and found a pair of the mids on sale.
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    Wheres the Ron Mexico jersey?
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    More Air Prestos?

    Looking to order some Air Prestos off of Amazon (3rd party sellers) for Christmas, should I trust that they are legit? Or should I only buy from a reputable website? Would appreciate any help with this.
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    Best Potato Chips? Vol. Something new

    Forgot to mention these too
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    Best Potato Chips? Vol. Something new

    Dirty's I'm not sure, but UTZ are limited to Pennsylvania and surrounding states in the NE Recent favorites:
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    The Predator (og sequel) - Release Date Sept 14, 2018 - Directed by Shane Black

    Crazy to think the director not only wanted this scene to be in the film, but wanted to give the small part to a friend of his who he supports even thought he is a convicted pedophile... And white males don't protect their white male friends :rofl: And yet there are people here blaming Olivia...
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    Well I am looking for either. Played the first Horizon on 360 and have previously played Forza. Also played GT back on PS2. Curious to see if Project Cars can offer replayability even though it doesn't have near as many cars as Forza. Also was hoping setups and such wouldn't be as in-depth in...
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    Anyone get Project Cars? Need to know if it is worth getting or if I should get Forza Horizon 2 sometime.
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    Mad Men Season 7 Discussion Thread - Final Episodes - SERIES FINALE

    Only reason I brought up Coca Cola was that during McCann's pitch, that was a big opportunity that was rumored to be in Don's future at McCann. While trying to escape advertising and McCann, he still ends up being offered to work on something for Coca Cola. Thought it was an interesting thing...
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