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    MARVEL C U Thread -* we love you 3000 STAN LEE* - BLACK WIDOW = who knows

    Can I watch Black Panther if I still haven't seen Thor Ragnorak or are there no spoilers/ mcu continuity between the two?
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    Eminem : Revival

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    Worn AM 95 Black/ Red/ Grey sz 10 **$100 shipped**

    For Sale: Used AM 95 Black/ Red/ Grey sz 10........ $85 Shipped OR best offer Shoes show signs of wear.. look at the pics... I can provide more upon request Payment is through Paypal ONLY and I only ship within the continental USA to confirmed Paypal addresses. Shoes will be shipped double...
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    RIP Phife

    First thing I saw when I woke up today and went on IG. Ruined my whole day. RIP Phife
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    So, when did the Timberland 6" premium boot start retailing for $190??

    My bad didn't know the ones I posted weren't premium
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    So, when did the Timberland 6" premium boot start retailing for $190??

    $155 on Timberland.. am I missing something?
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    Happy 15th Niketalk!

    Happy Birthday NT
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    What was your inspiration for choosing your username?

    Sneakers + illmatic (my fav album at the time and still top 5) + 23 for MJ the God = Kickmatic23
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    Gotham (TV Series)...Series concluded...

    It doesn't look THAT bad.. will watch the first 2 episodes and go from there..
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    Air Jordan 11 Retro Low "Concord" to Release in 2014

    How long are they gonna hold items in peoples carts.. or should I just give up at this point..?
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    Anyone watch the goldbergs??

    Love it. Hope it gets a second season
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    Dressing Better Vol 2.0

    Can't seem to find or remember if this has been asked.. does J Crew and J Crew Factory fit the same?
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    When did you move out and do you regret it?

    Live at home and save save save save save so renting isn't your only option.. its nice to be under 30 and own your own place
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