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    turned 24 July 3rd. Feels good.
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    Am I Wrong? (Relationship Question)

    Abort, the mindset of a chick who would do that is very telling. As stated before cuffing up with a friend's ex in front of her face is a straight up power move and I'll add pure insolence. I'm not usually violent and tend to walk away from confrontations due to my short patience for @+@*!#%%...
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    the thread about nothing...

    I still haven't thought of a diplomatic way of saying "I don't want to hear that %@*%" when people try to gossip. I'm too nice these days.
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    Summer is almost here: You're going out on a date? What's your idea of a perfect date?

    On the beach or the boardwalk is always nice to me. If we're not near the water then eating outside at a yummy local restaurant will do. I like food and good weather.
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    the thread about nothing...

    I still don't know where I'm going to settle or if I ever will. I'm too indecisive and everywhere sucks so far. I'm going to Louisville next.
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    woman accused of raping man with unwanted fellatio

    Thank you for the laughs...
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    Little girl forced from school due to essay

    Smh at the insecurity of so called adults.
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    Official 2012 Grammy Awards Thread February 12 2012

    The !$@%...
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    Worst things you ate?

    Frog. For what ever the reason my family used what at the time was my cup for the left over grease one day. When they told me they poured a cup of soda for me in the kitchen, I naturally reached for it... atrocious.
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    kid trolls the spelling bee

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    My little brother is disgusting

    At this point giving him dose of his own medicine is all you can do to get your point across since your stank, gutter bucket parents aren't listening..
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    How do you get rid of freckles/brown spots?

    Pure Vitamin E Oil. Cocoa Butter also works but takes too long in my opinion.
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    Whats the point of Tumblr?

    Basically. edit: As a matter of fact I've been able to understand things I didn't before from math and science tumblrs. It's more than just celebrity photography and naked ladies on there.
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    how can i become a good christian?

    Open the bible. Book of Proverbs covers a bunch of subjects, past chapter 5. The first 4 are good too, just repetitive to show the importance of the subject. Good Luck and stuff.
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    Kobe Bryant's wife files for divorce. **UPDATE** Alleged mistress on page one. **UPDATE**

    Oh yeah lol, but that would be sad if more kids are really involved. I mean it's enough to be cheating, but without condoms and procreating. She's super patient.
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