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    Lions vs Packers - MNF Game Thread

    rodgers is so nice man. even tho he seems a little demented to work with
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    2019 Official MLB Season Thread vol: Playoffs

    this is not the time to be complaining about game length...
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    Vaping is killin’ em??

    vape juice is not killing anybody. The issue is black market 'oil' carts filled with vitamin E acetate. That stuff does not dissolve in your lungs...
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    Tekashi 69 lookin at RICO

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    Fools Wildin Thinking They Doing It Unappreciation Vol Get The @#*+ out

    the birdman hand rub before flicking :lol:
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    Apple iPhone thread| iPhone 11 out now.

    but the 2 year payment option locks you into that network and its ridiculously priced plans
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