⚽️The Footy Thread: German Super Cup, International Champions Cup, Copa Libertadores

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I'm too busy eating this orange chicken to be concerned about Arsenass choking in another away game.
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All the PL teams trying to put some respek on the league's name in Europe and then Arsenal goes out and does this :rofl:
Bro we scored a goal against Rennes! All we need to do is win by 2 and not let them score twice in London and we're good :nerd: Mustafi, Kos and Cech will be lock down defense :pimp:
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ArsenLOL :rofl::rofl:

Saw so many Gooners talking mad reckless about fans celebrating the comeback in Paris yesterday as their guys are about to get bounced out of Europa by a feeder club :lol:

Can't wait for Lingard to turn their stadium into his own personal nightclub again Sunday
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'Real Madrid prepare the imminent dismissal of Solari and the return of Jose Mourinho'

Oh man that's gonna be all sorts of fun...

Can finally enjoy the toxic one's ****show at another top club without being emotionally invested :lol:
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im surprised they are doing it so early

Me too....

I would have expected FLO to at least wait until the season is over. But apparently he’s been in his feelings so much that his temper tantrum has given way to rationality.

Solari at the very least deserves to be appointed Castilla coach again, the DISRESPECT. This is on Flo not him, now Solari has lost two RM jobs due to Flo’s incompetence :smh:


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double subs for chelsea. keep pedro on please he's fiending for another goal. willian-CHO on the last sub Sarri plz
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