* 2011 NFC North Trash Talking Thread: Bears flatlining, Vikes dead, Lions escape, Packers hiccup *


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* 2011 NFC North Trash Talking Thread *

Hello, and welcome back! August is right around the corner, which means that time of the year where the NFL seizes control of our busy lives isn't far out. This thread is for the NFC North fans that want to let loose, bang at their keyboards, and tell every low-grade, inferior and lousy opposing fan why their team will be low-grade, inferior, and of course... lousy.

Get banned, get suspended, get warned.... get wild. But have fun.

Before we start, lets look at some of the mind-numbing and maniacal statements that were made in last year's trash talking thread, shall we?


Other storylines from last season that will shape 2011:

The Minnesota Vikings, in a season filled with Super Bowl expectations and an "Unfinished Business" mentality, finish last in the division, and endure numerous off-the-field distractions (ie. Randy Moss release, Brad Childress being fired, etc.)

The Chicago Bears forced all the doubters to eat their words by breaking through and winning the division for the first time since 2006, finishing 11-5. However, their season was cut short in the NFC Championship against the Packers, where many begin to doubt Jay Cutler's "toughness".

The Detroit Lions started out 2010 strong, but maybe had their fuse cut amidst the "Calvin Johnson rule" debacle. Proving their worth, the Lions finished the 2010 season 6-10 with a young core filled with high hopes for the future.

The Green Bay Packers win the Super Bowl, defying the odds and stunning the skeptics. Aaron Rodgers wins Super Bowl MVP, and the Lombardi Trophy is once again returned to the city of Green Bay. They will begin their title defense on September 8th versus the Saints, on NBC.


Fast-Forward to the 2011 Season Now.....

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Lets have a good season and represent the NFC North well
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About time you made it damn near wanted to make it myself but this !%+% is damn near tm

But let me be the 1st to say great why to start the thread and I think it's more things to be quoted in that
Last thread but you did a great job with the ones you did pick even calling yourself out.

a few thing I want to get to

1st I won't list my ranking until this madness slow down

2nd I want to say lion fans slow way down. you dudes ain't done nothing and I mean nothing other then get out the basement which is still nothing. but I won't since y'all been !%+% for so long you can't tell what's the difference between a good team and a up and coming team but you will learn sooner or later

3rd I'm glad the sb champs came from our div but it's still $$*% all you cheese heads.

My bears ain't doing !%+% in this FA class so I'll be having a sitting until they do something to protect jay from taking 5326664246264 sacks again
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hymen man left off the Minnesota fan listing? that's cold bruh.

anyways, glad to have this thread back for another year.


packers win division
lions come in second with a close race with the bears
vikings finish last

hoping for a better season than last year!
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add me to team vikings
and its not looking to good for us we will finish last I just hope for a 7-9 season.
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I cant wait to see the Lions D kill a QB this year. Hopefully it is Chin Cutler.
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I love just coming in and reading this thread. I'm very unhappy with the Bears


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About time you made it damn near wanted to make it myself but this !%+% is damn near tm


hymen man left off the Minnesota fan listing? that's cold bruh.
I just copy and pasted the list from last season. I'm adding you and coryturner right now.
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!**! da Bears, !**! the Packers, !**! the Lions.

AP is running rampant on the North this year.

1. Packers
2. Vikings
3. Lions
4. Bears
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NFCNTTT Back again.

CMIII Gonna KO that bum McNabb this year.

Business as Usual for da bears...

And yes the Lions are getting better... But still:

Packers 12-4
Lions 9-7
Vikings 7-9
Bears 8-8
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JPZx wrote:
hymen man left off the Minnesota fan listing? that's cold bruh.
I just copy and pasted the list from last season. I'm adding you and coryturner right now.

 Not a problem man, hope we can rebound from last years disaster.  
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Finally. I was wondering when this thread was going to be made.

Here's to another year and hopefully the Bears front office will get some cold water thrown on their faces before the off-season is over.

I'm also glad that the Lions have been making moves, but there's big time crow-eating potential with all the junk that's being said by their fans. I can't hate too much though, I'd be talking reckless if I was cheering on a doormat for over a decade.
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the bears no longer have my fanhood

my prediction:
Packers 1st
Vikings 2nd
Lions 3rd
Bears 4th

bears will lose every division game



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Gotta give credit where credit is due.

JPZ making a fantastic OP once again.

With that, the Packers will pretty much run the NFC North. Screencap. Quote. Do whatever it is you feel necessary.

Champs last year. A legitimate threat to repeat.

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