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What can you say about today's sneaker culture/scene that differs from way back in 2015. Sneaker scene is really big now. I miss the old stuffs lining up in store front 2-3 days not like today it's all electronic and sadly we are in a pandemic. Friends that became family along the lines. It's really different nowadays in sneaker culture.

I remember the roshe days here in the Philippines when I was in my first year highschool haha.

Shoutout to 2015 members out there! Keep safe! 🇵🇭
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I don’t miss spending way too much money on shoes. I also never waited in line for days so I can’t really say I miss that either. When I was peak buying shoes from like 2007-2012, most of the shoes were made like crap. The air bubbles were small, the shoes were shaped like bananas, and the paint cracked and flaked off after a few wears. A lot of the stuff now is better, but I just don’t care about it.
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Yeah I'm glad I nipped that sneaker habit a while ago. I pretty much have a rotation of Killshots, Desert Boots and some Stan Smiths. I have maybe a dozen Nikes laying around that I don't wear.

Only 'expensive' sneaker I'd ever consider purchasing would be the White-Cement III if it was done right.
Joined Oct 8, 2002
When I first REALLY got into sneakers. Like actually hunting down sneakers. I made a rule to never spend over $300(and the $300 Mark was pretty solely reserved for the royal foambs before they were retroed) I have yet to break that rule.
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Never waited days in line for sneakers.

I stood in line for 6 hours when the 2011 concords came out. Was 9th in line. They sold the first pairs to the employees, and the dude who was first in line bought a whole box of their inventory. Needless to say I didn’t get the shoes. Ever since then I’ve never waited in line or gone to ridiculous lengths to get sneakers. If I miss the initial release, it’s whatever. I’ll get them on resale if I want em that bad.
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