A Filipino NT'ers experience in a sneaker battle...

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hi there nt philippines, on june 23 we joined a sneaker competition, it's called isb, international sneaker battle, we applied to join a week ago and luckily got in, but of course too short for preparation and we dont have any experience with such things.

just to let you know, not all of the shoes in my table are mine, i combined with another filipino his name is glenn ( he's not an nt'er but constantly reads this thread so i better be nice lol) so if its does not look like a kids shoe...its not mine ok....

i want to give mad props to VUNGAW,XMOCONCORDS, RODNEY,my wife and glenns wife (nagpuyat para gawin ang labels ng mga sapatos, tsaka hindi pa rin kami iniiwan kahit na nabaliw na kami sa sapatos :lol:
) for giving us all the support that they can give, it's very tiring from the night before and the day of the competition. again to you guys thank you very very very much, i dont think we could have pulled that off without your help.

btw its also a car and bike show so a lot of people who does not know anything about shoes are roaming around and we are being asked some really dumb questions...the usual ones are..they would pick up a lebron pe and ask me...do you have this in a sz 10? lmao..they think we are selling em and we have signs that says do not touch...the best question of the day though was a guy came to us really excited and then he said....mannnnnnn i've been lookin for those for a long time can i buy them? so we asked which one? he said the chrome xix's....tanggal ang pagod ko kakatawa :lol:

anyway, here are the pics, i also took pics of all the booths that competed so you guys could see how we did....

unfortunately we did not win anything....but i think the experience and just the fact that we were there made us all very happy and excited....the winners deserved what they got....this would have been a better thread if we had a trophy at the end....lol.....

i have more pics and will post them maybe tomorrow, including some very nice pics that vungaw took in the car show...and it does not include any cars.... :wink:

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Tsiken reppin' the PI

I'm glad pare you guys made it, the last time I talked with you sabi mo mukhang late na sumali.
Thanks for sharing. Anticipating to see more pics..
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very very nice job!!! we should have some like this in te philippines. not neccesary for competition but a local showcase of sneakers in the philippines...
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sinasamba kita boss tsiken..

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^ GREAT TABLE tsiken...kakamangha....

BTW, next time you join you should have one like this in your area to up the ante....

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nice job edgar..next year tol..ill be there..

and think about my idea of a display :wink:

always remember..women + sneakers = :pimp:
...wait!!! i take that back.
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thank you everyone for the nice comments, nag enjoy kmi maigi dyan sa event nayan

double o, naisip na namin yan ahahahah

vince yep it was a last minute thing, at first they told us it's too late, then i emailed them pics so they approved us....

xmo thanks for the added pictures, btw those icy og concords are xmo's and the blk red iv's....

here's a pic of vungaw with his girl...

here's a pic of me and vungaw's brother

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medyo hinde ako nakapag concentrate pareng edgar / xmocncrds

tungkol nga pala saan 'tong thread nato :D
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im proud of what you guys have done,rep that flag!y'all won in my eyes,oh,&some more hotties please
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