A Gentlemen's Discussion of Retro Video Games (Super NES/Genesis Era and Earlier)

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As of last week, the local watering hole by my house decided to remove the pool table from the back of the bar and line the walls with retro arcade games.  While this move has been met with much controversy, I'm in full support of the decision.  After blowing my life savings on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade game last night, I decided that NikeTalk needed a thread for 80s babies to get nostalgic over their favorite games from their youth. Here's a few of mine:
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how u gonna forget turtles in time.....................THE SNES version though.......................
also sonic 2 best sonic game i was unstoppable in vs mode. vectorman also was good.
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Double Dragon and Streets of rage w/ Axel, or the lil man on rollerblades
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Double Dragon and Streets of rage w/ Axel, or the lil man on rollerblades
dude with the blades was named Skate was my main or i could rock **** with blaze i always thought axel was wack
also on streets of rage 3 playing with the kangaroo :pimp:
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^ Is that Shinobi?

....and Road Rash?! :wow:

Edit: I'm late.
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Just a few of my favorites from back then right off the top:
My all time favorite game series. I have beaten every single Metroid with 100% except for Other M and Metroid Pinball
View media item 455330TMNT Turtles in time. I used to love the white tigers.
View media item 455328This elevator board was crazy. I think it was right before you get to Krang. Could be wrong.
View media item 455336Before mariokart was F-zero. Spent plenty of hours with friends on this one
View media item 455329One of the best Mario games IMO. Yoshi set it off
View media item 455331Talk about Gridiron football...simulation
View media item 455332Get over here!
View media item 455333The original time killer. Once you get past level 15 **** is serious
View media item 455334Shut up Slippy. I got this. Fox McCloud out
View media item 455335Super C is hard to beat without the Konami code... But not impossible. ( the key is not losing any men on at least the first 3 levels)
View media item 455348C-C-C-Combo-Breaker!
View media item 455349My best combo ever was a 56 hit ultra combo with Jago

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I get bored and play through streets of rage still. I still have my genesis that came with the 6 pack with streets of rage,golden Axe, shinobi and that fake Tetris, sonic and stupid motorcycle game.
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Anybody beat Battle toads before? To this day I still haven't beat that, Double Dragon, or Ninja Gaiden.
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Definitely going to check this out later..Thanks for putting "SNES and Genesis era" in the title, I'm tired of seeing dudes post about GTA and Halo in retro games threads thinking that's retro lol
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Turtles in time for snes
Sunset riders
sonic the hedgehog 2 and 3
Super Mario 3
Super Mario world
Streets of rage 2
Terminator arcade
Double Dragon Arcade
Shadow of the ninja (NES)
Ninja gaiden (NES)
Batman return of the joker (NES)
Tmnt the arcade game

There's some other NES games that I cannot remember at the moment

edit: here's one

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If Konami ever drops a remake of the SNES VERSION of Turtles in Time with 4 player online co-op, I would never play another game. On the real though, I love early the Contra games, Contra: Hard Corps on the Genesis was my steez, and the early Castlevania games; Bloodlines on Genesis was also fantastic, and I can't forget the Gradius games. Man, I really love OG Konami games.

I also loved Streets of Rage, which is a franchise due to be revisited; the OG NES Ninja Gaiden trilogy; Punch-Out!! and Super Punch-Out!!; Tetris Attack still gets burn to this day, as does Yoshi's Island; and Chrono Trigger is the greatest RPG of all time, and my favorite game of all time. I can go on for days talking about old games.

Oh, and who else is hyped as hell for Ducktales Remastered?
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