a list of shoe sizings

Apr 19, 2006
hey, with all the questions always asked about shoe sizing, I'm just putting out a sizing list of the shoes I own. I know shoe sizing is different for everyone, and this is by no means the only opinion, but if other people also want to add a list, it might help someone who's trying to order a pair online and can use this to look up another pair they own as a comparison.

I like my basketball shoes to fit perfectly, so if I'm wearing one pair of socks and I jam my foot forward as far as possible, there's only a tiny amount of room in the back of the shoe.

I generally consider myself to be a 10.5

Jordans (all my retros are post-2000, which is when I got into shoes, I don't own any Jays from before then)
1 low retro 10.5
3 retro 10.5
4 retro 10.5
5 retro 10.5
7 retro 10.5
10 retro 10.5
11 retro 10
12 retro 10
13 retro 10
14 retro 10
17 10.5 (probably the narrowest jays, the sides don't give at all, not a problem for me, but take this into account)
18 10
19 10
20 10.5
21 10

1 10.5
2 11
3 10.5
4 10.5

h2k5 10.5
zk1 10
crazy 1 10.5

af1 10.5 (could fit a 10, but since I don't ball in these, I prefer a looser 10.5)
af25 10 (these I do ball in, so I don't like any movement)
dunk 10.5 (can't skate but own a pair of wiegers, the padded tongue makes the effective inside smaller, but still good 10.5)

flightposite kg 10.5
ultraflight 10.5
zoom 2k3 10
penny 4 10.5

2 10
3 10.5

round mound boot 10.5
goadomes 10.5 (could probably fit a 10)

t-mac 2 10.5
ultrastar 11 (I would imagine it's the same for regular superstars)
decade low 10.5
converse weapon 10.5
asics nimbus 8 10

feel free to add your own list, hopefully this topic can be used as a resource to help people out
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