Air Jordan 1 Black/Pale Vanilla-Starfish (SBB 3.0).. October 26th 2019


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ok wtf is wrong with the patent leather on the side. are they trying to make it look like an actual shattered backboard
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Looks like tumbled patent leather if that’s even a thing. I just don’t know about these.


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One week before drop everybody gonna be wanting these especially in sizes 7-8.5
stillmatic718 stillmatic718 :lol: Everybody will want all sizes garbage or not the SBB name will drive these; all the beasts are waiting for to seal the resell tape deal is a random production number to drive the limited tag.
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I like these a bunch and have since day one. I love orange on shoes and these have a great Halloween vibe
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Says the person with hideous hype shoes in their avatar picture, but that’s what makes the world go round... diversity in opinions
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