Air Jordan 1 Black/Pale Vanilla-Starfish (SBB 3.0).. October 26th 2019

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Everyone is gonna go after these regardless of all that initial hate, & the resale will be high. I bet these have some type of Halloween theme & won’t have anything to do with the Shattered Backboard theme.

These have a regular Nike Air insole and i too bet that these are a Halloween AJ1 instead of being SBB 3.0.

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lol these will sellout regardless just wait till October
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There’s some pics where the sole looks sail/off-white and they actually look decent and then there are pics where the sole looks damn near yellow and then I want nothing to do with them lol.
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See, you get it :lol: I think everyone just ran with the colors & came up with this who SBB narrative. Either way, the release will be very interesting to say the least. The turn will be unreal :lol:
People associate black and orange with Shattered Backboards but people have forgotten than Black and Orange are traditional Halloween colors. They even did AF1s in this color years back with, yes you guessed it, patent leather. I bet these will go with some type or Horror, Monster or Nightmare theme to them, thus the distressed midsole color and wrinkled patent leather.
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I’m be honest right now, I will be copping this SBB 3.0s. I must complete the set.
i'll be honest too...these are as weird as huf dunks...the backstory probably won't be as dope but yeah...throw this concept on a pair of dunk sb hi's around 2004 or so and they would have taken off IMO.

ppl are saying no now but these too will get scooped. i'm all in. I like different ****.
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