Air Jordan 14 “Gym Red” July 2, 2020 $190

John Wick

formerly jayzonmytoes
Joined Oct 5, 2006
isnt their already a thread for these and ima try to scoop these up
Joined May 22, 2014
I’m gonna have to pass. Not a fan of off white and not a trend follower so never will be. I do love the 14 but this isn’t doing it for me.


formerly j o 19
Joined Oct 1, 2004
Tough.. I hope they sit bc XIV's don't sell that well but everything is moving right now. As far as the red.. sometimes I wish the panel that the JM sits on was black but they look fine.

I love Nujavez Nujavez suggestion about the Ferrari logo.. that would've been a really nice touch.
Joined Mar 26, 2019
Copp. I think these will drive up in value years to come. Yes its too much red but i feel its executed well done. It really looks more like a ferrari than the original ferrari colorway.
Joined Aug 3, 2013
These are a must get for me. I too am hoping for an easy cop but things are really going back to where they were in like 2011-2014~ when things would sell out instantly and automatically have a high resale price off rip. I hope this is just a result of the covid-19 and once malls and stores fully open back up, Jordan’s go back to sitting on shelves, including these.
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