Air Jordan 4 x UNION LA Thread

Joined Aug 29, 2012
Will be going thru every page to take notes on those who bashed the sneaker at first & now copped saying they're dope. :lol:

Fam, this is every, single, solitary release. It never fails. The first few pages are filled with goofys saying "oh these are trash"

Come release day, they're in here crying because they couldn't cop. The original OFF-White 1s and PSG 6s were prominent examples. I remember arguing with some cats (not on here) about the authenticity of the off-white 1s a few years ago. They swore up and down that those "couldn't be real". Good times.
Joined May 18, 2004
got thru for guava but order number is we go again with the high order number fiasco...def sweating hoping a cancellation doesnt come thru.
I got thru early too but my damn card rejected via fraud protection :frown:
Joined May 15, 2008
I don’t remember if they restocked the same day or not.. I got my 1s and was out... did they put up cancellations the same day?
Joined Dec 9, 2017
i actually went to the page via union’s ig page & hit on there, i was in the queue for about 7-10 minutes.
I went on phone & computer .... computer went straight L. Phone was able to cop Guava Jordan 4.

Zooms sold out
Actually I didnt go for zooms. Nike did great commercial here, that zoom bag look curious. I'll try to pick up zoom 92 from outlets. Looks good!

Just Zoom 92 X UNLA looks atypical ...... UNLA should do retros only.
Joined Oct 31, 2005
Congrats to the people who ate. I'm not mad because my intention was to resell. Kinda hot that I made it to the check out screen for it to be sold out :lol: all good though.
Joined Jun 21, 2015
Besides apparel, did anybody here actually skip the 4s and went straight for the Deltas and Zooms :nerd:
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