Air Jordan IV Appreciation! Post yours here!!!

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Quote:[hr][/hr]The Air Jordan 4 took the world by storm in 1989. Along with a career season came a career sneaker.
Tinker Hatfield once again designed this shoe. The Air Jordan 4 featured many new design concepts. First, the straps on the side for increased ankle support. It was nearly impossible for MJ to roll his ankle in these shoes. The Air Jordan 4 again featured the air sole heel for dded cushioning and a full length midsole. In the White/Black-Cement, the shoe featured a unique texturing nicknamed Cookies & Cream for its striking resemblence. The Air Jordan 4 was another masterpiece to the Jordan lineup.

Mike flies to new heights
While wearing the Air Jordan 4, Michael Jordan reached new points in his career. Taking home another scoring title with 32.5 points per game, Jordan also appeared in the All-Star Game, First Team NBA, and All-Defense. This year was arguably Jordans best year despite no championship. It was in the Air Jordan 4s that Jordan made the shot which was a series winning shot at the buzzer to advance the Bulls to the next round in a do or die situation.

Spike likes Mike
Nike continued the Jordan 4 commercials with Mars Blackmon (Spike Lee) and created the famous Can/Cant TV commercial. Spike Lee really liked these shoes personally and gave them some extra promotion in his movie

Do The Right Thing.
A classic scene for all AJ fans is when one of the persons in the movie gets his brand new AJ IVs scuffed by a bicycle rider and flips out about it, places his shoe upon a fire-hydrant and cleans it with a toothbrush. Rent the movie today if you havent it!
Retros get their big breakUnlike the first series of retro Jordans in the mid-90s, the retro Jordans were an incredible success starting with the Retro Air Jordan 4 in 1999. When the IVs were retrod 1999 in white/black and black/cement grey it was crazy. Stores sold out after a few hours and everyone seemed to want a pair. As you can see a totally different approach to when the Is, IIs and IIIs were first retroed.Nike, or Jordan Brand, realized that this was a golden opportunity to cash in so they started releasing so called Retro+ models. These had a similar design to the original but featured new colors or some minor design changes. There have been different reactions to the Retro+ models and not all of them have been positive but they seemed to sell pretty well so probably most people were happy with them.

The Air Jordan 4 is also the first laser etched Jordan retros to be released. An online exclusive created 2 days of chaos across the US as thousands of Jordan heads tried to logon to Nikes website to buy the limited sneakers. Nike released 2 colors of lasered Jordan 4s and there are samples floating around of 2 more colors (all red and all blue).
Jordan Brand is set to retro more Air Jordan 4s in 2006. If all rumors are true on releases, there will be a total of 6 colorways released which would bring the total of retro colorways to 16!

The Air Jordan 4 is a legendary Jordan shoe and will always be one of the most coveted models in the Jordan line.[hr][/hr]
SolepediaOriginal Air Jordan IV Commercials#1#2Sample IV's in Do The Right Thinghere
Post up your Jordan IV's
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def my favorite jordan shoe ever
Amazing design, I need some cements but the price is ******ed
i also wish the new retros wouldnt crease so easily...

Looking to buy:
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dont have any photos handy, maybe ill take some and edit this later... anyways my favorite model jordan period. always will be. unfortunately the retros of last year werent really made of the best quality but what are you gonna do right?..
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my favorite jordan ever... but def. not the most comfy
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Quote:[hr][/hr]my favorite jordan ever... but def. not the most comfy[hr][/hr]
"2002/2003 - The Last Year Brand Jordan actually used "real leather" on their products."-BabyJordan0312​
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millitaries are so underated i prefer them over wht/blk/red
this week he's moppin' floors next week its the fries
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SoleSupreme just brought down the house down, I hate U :lol:

Do you really need 2 pairs of Eminems :\
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I love the design of IVs, unfortunately they are uncomfortable IMO.

Here are my IVs...

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