Air Jordan Retro 11 Low IE "Space Jam" July 2019


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Def want these but the question is, will people sleep on em long enough for em to drop significantly?


Vid with on feet:

Yeah, i dont think these are gonna sit. People will probably be on the fence until seen in person. They just seem like that kinda shoe to me...
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i like these. very clean look. but nice detail on the upper with the mesh and leather combo along with the patent leather.

i think only the older sneaker heads will appreciate these. the younger folks prob passing since there is no hype and nothing they can google to show an actual direct connection with MJ himsellf wearing these since its not an OG colorway.

Price tag is only thing I'm on the fence about. I'm sure they will get discounted
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These def arent selling out at $170. No way. If they do I'll eat crow but I cant see that happening.

The more vids I see with them the more I like em. Still waiting on the sidelines until they hit $100 or less. Same with pythons.
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NDC still got a FSR. These will definitely be available down the road at a discount.
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I really thought these would get a bigger reaction. I like em. Just dont really "need" them. They still look good though.
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