Air Jordan V Retro L'Style White/Emerald Green-Grape Ice


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Feb 3, 2002
Get your your wine cellars ready while bumping to Bone Thugs-N-Harmony's "1st Of Tha Month" before the electricity goes out.

You know the deal.

Sleep and be sorry.

I'm locking this post to avoid the ship from tipping over.

I suggest you take it for what's it worth.

References to this post in other threads will be deleted on sight.

I will answer queries and unlock this post when the time is right.

E-mail, Yahoo or AOL IM.

Yahoo and AOL IM: kingcrux31
Limited kicks for sale!!!
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Enh. I'm unlocking this post since the release date was pushed back to September 30.

Let's play Blues Clues, shall we?

Wine cellar = Place where you keep your finest wine. Wine = Grapes
BTNH's 1st of The Month = September 1
Electricity goes out = [pinoy accent]Secret![/pinoy accent]

Ha ha.

Feel free to discuss.

Now that you have a month to save up and fall in line, I don't want to see anyone crying come October 1.

Make 'em say ughhhhh! Na nah na nah...

Limited kicks for sale!!!
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whoa! i can post here now!.


same as i thought and on that time that i pm u that's what i'm thinking.

thanks anyway..
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sorry guys..
You think you're pretty f'n cute with those clues huh? :lol:

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those are beautiful.... anyone here got the old Charlotte Hornet jerseys?? i would love to wear an LJ or even Kendall Gill Hornet jersey with those shoes
California Angels

^keep dreaming about your size dude! 8 with insoles is your best bet! :tongue:

KC, grapes?!? i thought we were talking about blues clues? :rofl:
alright! thanks..boy bayang with vinegar!!

mr carlo, just a suggestion..wear double socks in a size 8 shoe..let's see if it will fit.. :rolleyes
i just want my size 12s..

8,000 pesos? wow. :wow:

i remember when my allowance was like 50 pesos.. :lol:

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