Air Penny 2 RD & Pics: 9/27/08 White/Royal/Black, 11/08, & 01/09


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Just got my pair from the BX for retail...Had to go up a full size they definitely run snug...
Same here.
I walked in knowing the last retro ran half size small so I grabbed a 9.5 but still felt them tight, I had to size up to 10. Soo glad I didn't order them online.
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I had to file claim today. They kept giving me the run around on when they would ship then they stopped answering emails. Never had issues with them in the past.
Filed my PayPal claim on Oneness yesterday. Walked in to the local HoH and copped, screw Oneness giving me BS, the runaround, and horrible customer service. Glad however as I did have to go a half size up, but still, F Oneness on their BS.

Def. 1/2 up on the's the length.

I got a 10.5 in the Miami but had to go with 11 in these.
How do the SCs run compared to sizing on Atlantics. Do I need to go up a half size also, or do they fit more TTS?
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You guys are killing me on the size discussion. Went with 10.5 my tts, ordered on champs. I never owned a 2, in 1 3 and 5's I was a 10.5, but in the half cents I'm an 11. Sounds like I done f'd up
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Damn it... I half sized down in these thinking the fit would be like the orlandos
Well, if you have the orlandos and they fit then I don't think they'll be a difference. I'm usually a 9.5 in NSW, and I own 3 pairs of 2's. The two that are 9.5 fit tight. The 10 fits a lot better for me. Again, everyone foot is different.
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These do not run tts. I copp the atlantic pair when they drop anf took them back cauee they wws snug.. Went a .5 size up and fit perfectly.. Comfortable shoe but ill wait to get these blk blue ones on a sale likr i should of did with the atlantics smh
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Like I said the issue is the length. My left foot was banging the front. The width was perfect but I had to size up cause of the length. The Miami pair was fine TTS tho...
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What legit justification do they have for the $10 price increase on these.

The 3m on tongue? The fact that it's loosly modeled after a highly sought after pair?
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Yo.... Finally saw the SC in person. They are all over the mall around here.
I would check your pair before buying if doing so locally. One of the pairs I saw had the texture of the blue foam part all messed up. Like it was smoothed in some spots and stuff.
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