Aj2009's only $99.99

Nov 27, 2008
These are now 99.99 for those who want them In the ATL. Theyre at the athletes foot at Southlake Mall.


And yes they are mens sizes.

And once again I went ahead and copped the Griffeys instead, Royal volts
WOW this is a return to the old JB maybe LOL

theyll flop hard now, but possibly be sought after 10 years from now

not saying they will but they might be, Ill still hate them though
Haha. I wonder if they're out in Cali for that price. JB gonna go back to the drawing boards after this one. ULTIMATE FAIL!!
ha. I still wouldn't buy. they just don't do it for me. they may be a great ball shoe but they aren't my cup of tea. word to len
I saw this at a Shiekh's at a mall around my area for $99.99. Still a pass.
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