AM 90/360 Tech Pack 1 pic

Apr 30, 2007
Mods please lock if already posted. These are available now at MAJOR in DC. I like them but will probably pass.

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hmmm. Haven't seen those yet. Just okay. The quilted leather is kinda cheap looking imo.

That Tech pack just keeps on goin. :rolleyes

now where's that neon Trainer????

Thanks for the pic.'s all just hear-say anyway.
Not bad, but like the dude above said I dont care too much for that quilted leather look.
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I can't eat unless it's a 95 x 360.

And the 95 x 360 colors are really suspect unless your name is Miss Jay Alexander.

Saving me more money every day.

Just means more cash for more pairs of Penny II's and Hot Lava 95's this coming year.
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how'd i know i would see the major pic why havent they gotten the regular 90 tech packs? if i cop itd only be on sale

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young black and dashing like Sydney in his prime in a black film classic

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i seen the kicks at undftd this past weekend. i thought that they were pretty nice.
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i'd take them if that swoosh was a little bit different color green... something about that color doesn't look right to me
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The back looks cool, but an easy pass
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I like the materials and colors but I hate the 90/360 hybrid.
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these are above average. i'd cop on sale.

I love the concept with the hat, jacket and laser back heel but END THIS 360 bottom craze.. hybrids are starting to piss me off..

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that jacket is sick...but those shoes are just way too plain.
that jacket is sick...but those shoes are just way too plain.

Plain and simple. I like them for that reason.
Really though, I'm just here to boost my post count.
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