Any NTers from the south PLEASE read..

Sep 29, 2006
Ya Im out of here, Im going to Houston for a little bit living with someone else in my family for a little bit. But I know I'll be bored and ishh. Im going to try and get a job when I get there and if any NTer lives in an apartment or anything and has an extra room I will have a job and can pay towards the rent.

No serial killers please, also I dont care if your a nerd or anything, Im just trying to live.

Edit: Im not a messy drunk "Lets have parties everynight" type of dude. Ill just need a place to sleep Ill have a job and you wont even see me that much. I have enough money to pay for food for a year so dont think Im just gunna mooch. Ive lived with friends before and it was never a problem Im easy to live with I guess.

I'll be there within the week and Im gunna be livin with my unc for about a month or two so if you want to meet me first and chill a couple times so you know Im not a weirdo showing up at your door and stuff.

I would go to the hoop summit but as some of you remember from my other post I broke my collar bone and can barely lift up my right arm for now.
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