any Retch fans?

T Lo Sweater

formerly troyd
Joined Dec 14, 2011
My home boys shot the vid for city lights and block work. Shout to work :smokin

Hes really nice doe. Got delinquents and degenerates, Polo sporting goods, and finesse the world on rotation daily
Joined Oct 14, 2007
Retch is hit or miss for me, he got a lot of dope stuff though and his social media is hilarious.
Joined Oct 31, 2009
Ya listened to Da$h new music?

17more minutes was pretty good..

Screwface, I still gotta give a few more spins bc I watched him live here in Houston a couple nights ago and he performed a couple songs off of it and they sounded dope..
Joined Jun 7, 2004
Special Jim is one of the best songs ever made.

WTF was he thinking on Finesse the World though? He sounds like a lizard the whole way through. :smh:
Joined Jun 23, 2008
Retch is a savage son..
Ya seen his old videos on IG? :lol: :lol:
Dude needs an appreciation post just for these videos this guy is wild. Also wan't feeling Finesse the World but Polo Sporting Goods will ALWAYS get play.

Gotta go back and check his earlier ****
Joined Nov 9, 2013
damn son got locked up and he facing 10-20 sheeeesh free the guy tho.
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