Anybody here name their kids after an athlete, actor or musician??????

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I met a kid named "Anakin" last year at a screening. He was like 12 & I just started asking him all these questions, couldn't help it :lol:
That’s a dope name and I can’t front, I did bring it up to the wife but then, I just couldn’t do it to my son to have people calling him Annie growing up:lol:
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I think its super tacky.

Pets are one thing but your flesh and blood lol nah.
I come in peace. (I know the title of the THREAD)

DO you consider it tacky for names like Langston (Hughes) or ZOra (Neale hurston) to be given to young black kids?

Why/Why Not?
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There’s a couple players in the NFL named Raekwon, I always thought that was a dope name.

I had a homie in HS who was named Rakim after the god MC himself.
ASAP Rocky first name is Rakim.

My rule is ringing true in here. Let a dude name their son and we shall OD.
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