Anyone has updates on Arizona Mills Nike Outlet?

Apr 7, 2005
It's been a while since the last updates on Arizona Mills Nike Outlet. Has any NTers been there lately? Anything new there?
They had the XX in chutney, which im pretty sure they still have some pairs left and they also got a shipment of XX1 (b-grades) in white, but i think those sold out!
They have some XIV in black in smaller sizes. they have pippen II and origanl pippens too. They Huaraches adn thats about it !
Jordan XX lows 3/4s and regular lows (FSR)
Jordan XXI's white/silver (B-Grades) (FSR), tons left
2k5 LA Maps (FSR)
More Uptempos (black/white)
Pippen 2's (white/red)
FC WC's (Mexico), regular FC's with no Zoom Air

been wondering the same thing man!

oh...and when I win those run & slams, can u drop them off at the store? haha
Those are pretty much gone through out the company. We did get some white on white AF1 mids though. 5 bucks off retail, but if you want them, we got them. A grades too.
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