Anyone have any NY Auto Show Promo Codes?

Sep 30, 2005
Any promo codes for online tix? I figure there has to be a promo code to get in for free.

Only one I have is AAA for $2 off. Anyone manage to get in w/ a kids ticket?
Free? You have to be joking? The best coupons ive seen are for in person sales only, and they are 2 bucks off. You that cheap homey? Its 10 bucks once a yr...
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Come on now homie, the tickets are like 10 or 12 dollars. :smh:
"So When They Thinking I'm Just Getting Rep,
I Been Blew Up Like A Crip Getting Dressed."

Don't get it twisted, I'm buying tickets for my brothers and my cousins visiting from out of town, so it could actually make a substantial difference.

By the way I went today and they pretty much just scan the top ticket so you could just buy a bunch of kids ones and put an adult one on top.

Now lets see an adult ticket is 14 and a kids is 4, and when you're buying 7 tickets, its bacially 7x whatever type of discount you can get.

And besides the fact I am that cheap "Homey", is there a problem? And br0keaneck its just another typical d-Ride response from you.
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