Anyone On Niketalk Ever Work at Burger King??

Joined Feb 22, 2009
Can anyone give me a heads up at whats its like working at a burger king or other fast food place? I decided to work there in the summer as a team member. thanks fam
Joined Sep 1, 2009
didn't work at BK but I worked at McDonalds, that was my first job. It depends how your co-workers are. Me and my co-workers always had a good time and the managers were cool also. Man those were the days. I gained so much weight working at that place lol.


Joined Apr 5, 2010
no but my sister used to give me the hook up on food cause she worked there. Get serious free food lol
Joined Oct 28, 2007
Was my 1st and 2nd job.. first was at a real BK and it was cool but hated the drive through.. then worked @ a BK in the mall food court and lasted only a weekend because I got a call for a job at a Nike outlet store.
Joined Dec 23, 2006
I worked at Mcdonalds when I was 16. I quit 4hrs into my first day because they wanted me to shave my goatee and I didn't want to do it.
To top it off, I didn't really have one. I only had like 7 strands of hair and refused to take it off.

It wasn't a pretty site when I got home and told my dad what happened.
Joined Jul 14, 2008
i have it's simple work make food stock put burgers threw the broiler take out trash no biggie
Joined Feb 22, 2009
Im not in it for the food im in it for the extra cash anyone know how much you get paid per hour or whatever lol
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