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Pretty sure she graduated college like last year.
I think so. I think she said she’s 22. Started making $36/hr ..then $46/hr and now more not counting OT. Ahhh Besides being too young she’s way out of my league lol. Just gotta admire and good to see another Asian coming up.
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hana is up again!


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Put my vote in. Currently down at the moment.
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Nobody has tried me yet
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I thought he whipped out the nunchucks haha.

Sooner or later, more will start fighting back. **** that. Most Asians been quiet for way too long.

Videos like that need to be shown more and let them Asians know not to hold back. We don’t even have to fight 1on1. Everyone is cheating and having 2on1 or more, we might as well do the same.
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Srsly, nunchucks guy first, then running away guys, then the black panther costume, and what exactly was the chasing dude holding and threw at the guy's back? Questions kept coming up as the clip progressed.

Seriously though, I have been gearing up when out and about on "essential" business only.

It's a strange visual, I got to a Ralphs or Albertsons, and no one is covered or protected and I catch a lot of smirking glances. Long *** lines, empty shelves of tp/lysol etc.

I got to any Korean Market nearby, nicely stocked, clear signs of limits, short lines, less people, more efficient and EVERYONE is covered up.

So it's like blame those damn Asians that caused this, but I'm not going to cover up and help stop the spread, or I'm not going to catch it or it's just a flu, who cares? How stupid are these people?

The kicker is, from what I heard, in China and Korea, the 2nd wave is starting all over again, thanks to all the American nationals that are boning out to the motherlands......
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