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How does it feel to know you are a puppet for the wealthy elite in keeping minorities and poor people encaged, enraged and disenfranchised. You didn't create the policies but sure are solider for its war.

May have been answered but have you ever snitched on a fellow officer? How many times have you disobeyed an order/procedure for the betterment of a civilian?
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How often do you use your lights and sirens just to blow past traffic?

What do you/does your department carry?


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do you believe there are crooked cops out there..i'm talking like taking drugs from criminals, letting them go, then taking those drugs to a friend to have. If so, how illegal is it and what would happen to the cop if he/she was caught?
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do you believe there are crooked cops out there..i'm talking like taking drugs from criminals, letting them go, then taking those drugs to a friend to have. If so, how illegal is it and what would happen to the cop if he/she was caught?
What kind of question is this? :lol:
Do you think they'd get a medal?..
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What made you decide to become a cop?
Always wanted to do it since I was just as a little kid in elementary school. Then growing up I realized how much I enjoy helping people and how much I disliked criminals. I never really had the support from family/friends so I didn't join til later. I wish I joined 5 years earlier. 
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i see you work in socal

do you ignore/are more lenient towards folks with a chp 11-99 plate frames?
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What's with the punisher blue line logo? Why do cops act like their jobs are more dangerous than it is? How often do you pull your gun out on people?
1. It's actually a spartan mask, and I like the look of it.

2. Not sure how to quantify the danger of the job. The job is inherently dangerous though. Never know who you're dealing with. The people you contact have the drop on you. We wear uniforms driving marked vehicles so we can't hide. We walk into situations people deem too dangerous or too much of a risk to take care of themselves. We often times meet people at their absolute worst and you never know how thats going to go.

3. I first pulled my gun out and pointed it at somebody about 3 hours into my very first shift (we got a call of somebody walking around downtown with a gun wrapped in a shirt). Then I didn't pull my gun out on somebody for like another 6 months or so. I'd say I actually pull my gun and point it at somebody on average maybe once a month.
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Do y'all think y'all deserve the incessant praise y'all get for simply picking a career?

How often are police reports falsified to fit a narrative?
1. Some cops deserve it while some definitely don't. Pick a profession and you could say the same. I was raised to respect law enforcement. Of course I feel like I deserve respect at least, but I know you have to give respect to get respect. I come into most situations on an even level as the person I'm contacting. If I don't there's a better chance of the situation getting out of hand. Sometimes though I have to give a bit of attitude and assert my authority to control the situation.

2. I've never done that. If i'm writing a crime report about somebody getting robbed or battered, there is no benefit at all to falsify that. As far as an arrest report or a use of force report I just tell it like it is. We have body worn cameras now and they get reviewed regularly and for sure get reviewed if there is a complaint against you. They don't catch everything though and they are not ALWAYS on. Per policy, we have them on during any "enforcement action."
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A ton. Not all of the cops I been around act like douches or self entitled.

You look at them some type of way and they mean mug you back and tell you crap.

When I was pulled over they were straight trying to act all tough.

Anyway just wanted to get that off my chest :lol:
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How large is your department?

Is your Chief have a love affair with PERF like ours does?

Do y'all get crisis intervention training?

I've thought about doing a thread like this before but I'm still a boot on probation, so naw.
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How do you guys plan on identifying, exposing, and getting these race soldiers up out of these police forces? They are out here doing whatever they want to harm people and "normal" cops are like 
Always a tough question/answer. I don't remember if there is a question during the background check reading, "Are you racist?" Of course even if they did, people would just check no. I can really only identify what I see. The ONLY time I felt there was a stop done purely based on race I was working with a cop I never worked with before. He pulled a guy over because and his reasoning was because his registration tags were not the most current (as in it was a February and the guys license plate had a current sticker, but we ran his registration and saw he had gotten a new sticker for the new year like a month ago but had not put it on). Going into the stop I was like WTF, but technically it was a valid stop. He told me he pulled the guy over because he wanted to know why a dude wearing all red was driving around a Crip neighborhood.
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I just want to personally say thank you for your service to your community and family.

The job you have chosen is not an easy one. You are repeatedly put in stressful situations and gray areas, and still are expected to "turn it off" when not on duty.

I have a cousin who is a police officer, and I know the job has been stressful at times for him and we live in a lowkey area.

So again, thank you for your service and be safe out there. All police officers deserve the chance to go home at the end of their shift, just like anyone else with a job does.
Thank you! That's much appreciated. It is a stressful job for me and the family but I enjoy it so the family now supports it. It's easy for me to say people not in the profession or those who are not related to somebody in the profession don't understand, but it is true. Kind of made this thread though for anybody that wonders anything about police.


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how often do you seen your coworkers go on power trips and make unsavory decisions?
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