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Aug 29, 2006
Anyone interested in a signed Gil jersey and shoe for $100? He is selling the set for $100 with the proceeds going to his charity on his website.
yeah they dropped the price from $150..

i was able to get three of the $25 packs (one for me, my girl, and my dad) at 6am

i <3 Gil :smokin

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I was able to get 3 as well. The Early Bird basically sold out once it hit 8am.

-I finally can post on NT. lol
It was up until 8? That sucks. I set an alarm for 5:50 just to make sure I was all set. At about 10 seconds past 6, 500 or so had already been sold.
Yeah, I was up like at 6:05. I got scared it would be hard to get one but I was able to get 3. It did slow down like 7ish..but it just kept selling and selling then I checked again like at 8:15 and the total packages left were in the negatives so it basically sold out at 8. Basically,a thousand sold each hour..haha crazy. I can't wait till they come in. :D
i got mine...its funny my friend is like retarted when it comes to usin computers and he tried to get one but said he dosent think the order went through

btw im the biggest agent zero fan ull meet
they actually started 5 minutes till 6...i was around the 9th (after checking the availability)

Team Washington Wizards​

"Ill be in there like swimwear." -Gilbert Arenas​
I got two packs but do you all know that their gonna "bill you for shipping at later date", and how come their is no conformation email or anything and when do you guys think they'll ship in???
^ Im asking the same questions... the site in general isnt that official... I would logon and it would fail then when I thought it failed I was actually logged in... weird stuff

Then... since it was 6, 7 am... I was half asleep and on the first order I placed...

in the section that reads "Please indicate the person's name for whom you
would like Gilbert to personalize the jersey"

I placed "Arenas"

Misunderstading it and thinking it asked... "please indicate the
person's name that should be embroider in the back of the Jersey

So I placed a second order this time having it personalized for my nephew... we will see what happens.

Another question...

Do you only get one shoe or two... and what size?

I bet we probably wont end up getting crap... all orders probably fell into a black hole.
I have about as much faith in Gil, as I do his guarantees, and his Arizona mates Luke and Richard not being HAPPY.

If you know what I mean...
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I doubt way $200...

Team Washington Wizards​

"HIBACHI!" -Gilbert Arenas​
Shipping could take 4-6 weeks. It's on the site when you check availability on the late bird package. gahh..I can't wait that

Team Washington Wizards​

"HIBACHI!" -Gilbert Arenas​
I heard they were starting to be delivered. I am going to have to swing by the office today to see if mine came in.

Team Washington Wizards​

"HIBACHI!" -Gilbert Arenas​
I ordered one for me and one for my cousin.. i used different accounts but i used the same paypal account and the same address will my order still go through or is it like a one per house
You should be fine. There are a lot of people who ordered multiples. Anyone know where these shipped from? I would guess this area, but if that is the case I would have hoped to have mine by now since I am less than an hour away. Oh well, the wait continues.
The one I got came from Pitt... which I thought was weird. Im still waiting on the one I order for my nephew.

But honestly... I dont know if he personalized these himself... MAYBE (and im even doubting the sig... could have got someone that can replicate his sig to do it)... but MAYBE he did sign them... but then they got just any John Doe to write the personalization... because the hand writing from the Sig and the personalized name dont match...

maybe im tripping... but to answer ya ques. It came from Pitt.
Wouldn't shock me if someone else did the personalizations, but at the same time think about your handwriting compared to your signature. I know for sure that mine are very different.
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