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Ok so I work at six flags marine world or discovery kingdom call it what you want in Vallejo, Ca......And before I start Im not venting, I haven't been fired, or even written up I just want to warn you guys.....

If you are looking for a job or even thinking about working there dont, w/e you do dont work there....that place is not a good place to work.Anyway you want to slice it.

I know people that have been working there for 4 years and are making$8.00 an hour, when minimum wage in Cali is 7.50.
There is no money to be made there.Unless you're a supervisor you dont make over $10.00. 80% of the employees make minimum wage. And at that the rest dont make much more than 8.50
My supervisor plays favorites like crazy. too. I could give you example after example of it
.They really dont care about they're employees at all.
Its like we're treated like objects. We're bossed around,and yelled at all the time. And they say if you do this and that you'll be rewarded w/red dots(there reward system)they dont give them out around my department

You can be scheduled to work and if you show up and they scheduled to many people they just start sending people home even though your scheduled.They hire all these people and then they cut everybodies hours.

I cant count the number of people that told me they're not coming back next year and Im one of those.
Im really not trying to vent, Im on good terms w/all the manager and supervisors there,Im just trying to give you people in the Bay Area a heads up.But w/e you do dont work there its garbage....


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simple, find another job.
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Joined Jan 23, 2004 be honest...I would work there if it wasn't for my long hair. But thanks for the heads up.

I really agree with you on the OG name. Hehe.

God bless!
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they need to take it back to the marine world african usa days when it was fun or maybe it just was more fun cuz i was a kid

but wassup with a norcal summit and u get us in for free
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I get 4 free tickets every 100 hours I work so I dont think I'll get anybody in free....but real talk the job is only temporary I need some quick cash before I go to college so Im just going to stick it out...

Its to late to get another one
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United Mortgage Group in Concord in front of Waterworld. $10 part-time. $2340 salary full-time. Add bonuses and commissions.
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can't beat that.I am a Bay Area Representative​


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Quote:[hr][/hr]they need to take it back to the marine world african usa days when it was fun or maybe it just was more fun cuz i was a kid[hr][/hr]
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lol what do you expect, its a theme park

same goes with chain retail stores..overworked and underpaid
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8 an hour.. jeeze it sucks that theres so much work to be done at that job in crazy heat to be paid that... mcdonalds pays like 10+ and it looks better on your resume.
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Quote:[hr][/hr]United Mortgage Group in Concord in front of Waterworld. $10 part-time. $2340 salary full-time. Add bonuses and commissions.[hr][/hr]
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I have a friend that works at water world in concord.Everything you mentioned he deals with over there.


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