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shox matrix

Aug 2, 2006
OK we haven't had a summit in a while, and I had an idea...
Who would be interested in getting a big group for a Suns game?
We could buy a block of tickets and have a NT section (probably in the upper level).
They give group discounts for groups of 20 or more, and they have special stuff for a group of 50 or more.

If we get a huge group (300+) they also offer the opportunity to play ball on the USAirways center court before or after the game. I doubt we'd get that many people but it would be cool. The previous two summits included pickup basketball before the evening portion.

I haven't looked at dates for this or anything...but a weekend game would be nice. I just wanted to see how many people would be interested in something like this.

Email me at if you are interested or post here. (Also, if people would like to help on the planning and implementation that would be helpful)

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I hope I can make it out to whatever you women decide on doing.
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Where did you move to?
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I always wondered what happened to the summer summit, since last years summer summit went real well. Then we had the winter summit which was ok. I had big hopes for the summer 06 summit. I would be down for a fall summit, although the suns game would require a lot of cooperation and planning for NTers but i think it's definitely possible.
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^ Some stuff happened that prevented the summer summit from happening.
If we do the Suns game we'll need to pick a date and get an estimate of how many people will attend this shindig. At that point we can contact the Suns about group tickets and getting the discount (I'd still love to get the 300 people to go to the game so we can ball on the USAC court)

fall summit during the state fair :tongue:
I just didn't know people still went there.
I can't even tell you the last time I went to the fair.

i cant remember the last time i went to the fair either. last i remembered it was infested with creased up dickies and white t's. plus it was just boring to me.
yall can have a summit a grand canyon university in phoenix..actually i jus want more folks at our games..haha.
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Here are some possible dates we could do this on:

The Suns first weekend (Sat or Sun) game is on Nov 11, and I will be out of are some choices:

Fri Nov 17 vs. Philly (We could make it a 2 day thing, have the game on Fri. night and then play ball on Saturday)

Fri Dec 1 vs. Milwaukee

Fri Dec 15 vs. Golden State

Fri Dec 29 vs. NY Knicks (This may be good because anyone from Phx that is away at school would be back for christmas break)

Or...we could wait until January and do a weekend game:

Sun Jan 7 vs. Golden St
Sat Jan 13 vs. Cleveland.

What do you all think?

Post here or email me:

size 13? PM ME what you have

and matrix I'd say Knicks game, or sacrifice the weekend and go to the sonics game on the 9th of january, i wanna see jesus shuttlesworth in action!
The problem with that is that I think if we did a weeknight we'd get a very very small turnout.

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