best shoes for work?

Jun 14, 2006
I could use a pair of beaters for work. I'm doing food service this summer, and i stand around all day, wanna know what shoes will offer good protection and comfort for my needs. thanks all.
dont use max air. I dont care for it on the food service floor it is so hard and stiff. I dont like shox much either for it. I like wearing anything with full length zoom, It keeps me comfortable. Food Service floors are extremely hard, and just make Max too stiff. But try some zoom.
AF1? You're joking.
Try a pair of Air Max TL, the original ones... I picked them up for 45 dollars-@#%$ and they're very comfortable.

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air max won't work just because its so expensive, same with most other comfortable shoes, u can hit up the outlet and see if u can find something. or u can just get some cushioned insoles, from like Dr.schools (<----- don't know how to spell that) and some put it into ur beaters
In all seriousness. Go try out some Brooks Running shoes at your local running shop or the nearest Finish Line. Comfort on those shoes are no joke. I'd go with the Trance 6 or the Adrenealine GTS 7.
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Dr.Martens very comfortable and durable...the outs0le is oil and spill resistant...
I actually wear zoom kobe 2s. They were expensive and all, and they get kinda beat at work, but my comfort is worth it man.
get urself a pair of 360's for ultimate comfort, although if ur standing up all day in teh food industry, that might run up a good chunk of ur next check lol
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