May 18, 2006
Any NT'rs from the Ham or surrounding areas? That's my original hometown and just wondering if anyone else on the board was from there.
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I am, holy hell another Birmingham NTer, a Girl, you might be the rarest demographic on the board lol
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im sick of yall dudes on here, this aint manilatalk.
LOL. Yea I know, B'Ham aint up there, but its not a hole in the wall either. What part you from? I'm from Titusville over off 17th Ct S. I love goin down there-I'll be back in like 2 weeks. :smokin

word? I live in Belwood(the neighborhood behind Western Hills mall, NOT THE projects) which is a part of Fairfield aka the real field, one of my best dudes lives over there in titusville, lol in two weeks I'l be in ATL at Megafest
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im sick of yall dudes on here, this aint manilatalk.
Birmingham is where I was born, but I live in Huntsville now. Actually, I'll be living there come this Wednesday. Can't wait to be back down South.
I grew up in Huntsville, but live in Birmingham now... guess superblyTRIFE and I switched places, LOL. There aren't many of us in AL... seems like the same 4 or 5 people always post here when this comes up.
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Yo, does anyone know what stores in the Birmingham area receive the Jordan L'Style releases? I'm getting ready to get a pair of the Grape V's I think the Footaction in Huntsville gets em, but they're pretty unreliable from my experience.
^I have no clue bout that.
I've got some family out in Huntsville, but I haven't been in a while.
Yo TimCity, do you know where the SB account in Bham is located? Is it near downtown? I'm not big on SBs(i.e. Dunks), but the newest Trainers are a must. Thinkin' about making a trip down there this upcoming week to try and grab a pair.
As far as Jordan LS releases go, Try Marty's, theres one in
Roebuck and one in 5 points west, City Gear has them as well, and Footaction in Century plaza gets em too, the best kick mall overall is Century Plaza
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im sick of yall dudes on here, this aint manilatalk.
lildeedee, didn't kno u knew people in B-ham...actually, I live about 45min away from Montgomery AKA "da gump"..its called Phenix City, but I always say I live in Columbus, GA(which is like 10 min. from Phenix City&much easier when tellin people)....

I live in Montgomery and I don't know any place to get shoes. Isee why ppl here go to ATL.
Damn, who knew there are this many AL NTers.

Someone needs to open up shop in Birmingham--I think something like that would do good there. I'd make the drive from Huntsville for some good kicks.
well I'm from b'ham irondale to be exact and i'm a girl lol but also a military brat so I'm currently living in VA but ALL of my fam lives in the 205 shades valley high school and huffman i kno have too many of my kinfolk lol. But a sneakerstore would do the area ALOT of good instead of breaking windows at footlockers :smh:

THA 757
i lived in alabama for a few years as a missionary for my shoe store i saw was in...crap, it's a mall on the parkway heading toward ensely from bessemer. there's a shoe store that had all kinds of jordans and stuff, although it could have shut down.
If any of you want a trip...there's a small shoe store in hueytown that has a bunch of old air max's....this was as of 2 years ago. I didn't have money so i didn't pick anything up. its like a boot store right near the library. could be cool
werd where in downtown hueytown, I'm in fairfield so nothing is too far me
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im sick of yall dudes on here, this aint manilatalk.
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