Joined Feb 22, 2007
Can a Verizon or Sprint Blackberry Tour be unlocked to work on a GSM network( like Rogers) in Canada?

Also can it be used on Bell,Telus or Fido?
Joined Feb 24, 2010
Yeah you can use the BB Tour, but it has to be unlocked and able to use sim card.
Other than that you should be good.

Roger - Yes
Bell - Yes (I think they're using sim card now)
Telus - I don't know if theyre using sim card
Fido - Yes

Also forgot to mention that, if you do decide to get the phone.
You won't be able to use the 3G feature, since we run on different frequency than in US.
Joined Jan 12, 2008
Yes you can, to all carriers. There services that cost only 5$ and you can have your phone unlocked within minutes!

As for Telus, all new BBs have sim cards, so Yes you can unlock them as well
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