****blocked by "friend." What to do NT? Pics Up

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NT, this guy I go to school with, who was a part of this group I used to hang out with, used to date this girl. They broke up, he told me she was lame/boring, and that was that.

I started talking to the girl a while later, nothing serious, and she told me that somewhere in that time span, the guy had told her I had "asked him permission to ask her out." I had never done this; he's not really my friend, or I wouldn't have shown interest in his ex, and I'd never ask "permssion" anyway.

Anyway, time has gone on, and I try not to deal with the guy, but he's always hitting me up with questions & whatnot like nothing ever happened. What to do? I've been just ignoring him and only occasionaly responding. I'd like for dude to never talkto me again, just because he's quite annoying, but it's easier to just ignore him. Thoughts?

I'll post pics around 10 or so when I get home from work. Girl has long legs, you'll like.
EDIT: If it's not ****blocking, fine call it whatever. <Dwight Schrute> Well, there are two schools of thought. <Dwight Schrute> It's either 1. keep friends close & enemies closer, or 2. just get this person out of my hair for good, hopefully.

To the poster who says ignoring him will work, for most I'd agree, but not this guy. 

On right in 1st pic, left in 2nd

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Just say "Dude, you're quite annoying, so can you not talk to me again" and I'm sure he'll stop hitting you up with questions and whatnot.
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Should've waited till after ten to make this thread. than the proper advice will be given
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Originally Posted by cbass625

Should've waited till after ten to make this thread. than the proper advice will be given
This. Since you already plan to post pics.
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no one is going to help you until 10:01 and even then it will only be a critique of the girl's picture(s) you post....but um you're grown just don't answer him anymore.
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how is that blocking?

and he's not your friend so why does this surprise you or deserve a thread?
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