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So after getting my last car totalled 3 years ago, I'm finally in the market for another car. I've narrowed my choices down to the E46 M3, and the E90/92 335 (coupe or sedan). My requirements are that it be a 6spd. manual, rear drive (no AWD XI's), mileage under 50K. Looking to spend no more than 30g's.

E46 M3 (2001-2006)

- it's an M. Performance (333hp), styling (flared fenders, aero kit, quad pipe dual exhaust

-already replaced by newer body style
-I'm guessing parts/repairs would be more costly compared to standard 3 series
-no longer under factory warranty

E90/92 3er (2006-)

-newer (updated interior/exterior styling)
-'07 and up cars are still under BMW factory warranty, and I can purchase one as a CPO with 6yr/100K
-335 doesn't give up too much in power to the M3, plus the TT is good for tuning upgrades
-choice of coupe or sedan (I have a 3yr. old son, so having a sedan would be more practical)
-for the same money, I can get a newer model year as opposed to a slightly older M3

-styling isn't as aggressive
-reliability:reports of electronics/fuel pump issues w/ the 335 TT setup
-would have to spend more money to upgrade parts to match M3 performance (suspension, brakes, etc.)

My heart wants to run with the M3, but smart money would go with the newer 3. A third choice would be to go with an '06 330i- same styling, lower price, but has 255HP. However, I wouldn't have to worry about dealing with possible problems with the 335's twin turbo setup and possible electronics nightmare.

So, what do you guys think?

*Being this is NT, someone's inevitably going to say something dumb or recommend some other car, so before you post something, slap yourself and exit the thread*
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hmmm that's a hard choice...but if i were you i would go for the newest car with the lowest mileage i can get. so in other words, 07 #*% 335i coupe. i would be too scared to drive a m3 with all the potential maintenance that it'll need.
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Originally Posted by holler mcdollar

Originally Posted by hollowpoints

So after getting my last car totalled 3 years ago,

Some guy ran a stop sign and hit me on the passenger side fender and sent me into the oncoming lane and I hit another car. It was repairable, but the cost of the repairs was more than the car was worth, so they wrote it off as a total loss. I then used the insurance money and put a down payment on a house.
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I'm shopping for a new car as well, stuck between an m5 or Range Rover. Suggestions?
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I'm guessing you are looking for a daily driver vs. track car?

E92 335i

* It will still be under warranty so I wouldn't stress about the potential fuel pump issues.
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Jehul, it would be strictly a street car. I keep dreaming that one day I would win the lottery and be able to get an E30 M3 to hit the track with.
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335, no questions asked. I have one and I was going through this same dilemma about 1 year ago and I'm happy with my decision

billy hoyle

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Originally Posted by Man E


I'm shopping for a new car as well, stuck between an m5 or Range Rover. Suggestions?
unless your buying a 2010 range rover then go with the m5


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I have a e46 330ci coupe '04 and id never get an M3 e46 simply because its not much off as far as style goes and for the money i could get an E90 which IMO you should def get a Gunmental or Navy 4 Door.. If you go for the coupe get the black with red interior but IMO E90 4 door is suitable for a 3 year old... I have a 2 year old and i dont even think about putting her in my e46 and the M3 is even smaller in the back due to the performance lips on the seats getting that child in and out is a NO GO.. Welcome to the family
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335i, with a chip you will exceed acceleration performance of the m3. Depends if you want to go to the track. I think an e36 m3 with suspension and engine mods will outperform an e46 m3 on the track because it is lighter.
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335i e90/e92. I wouldn'd mind either. You have a kid, so the 335 is more tame and practical. Plus the new e9x are
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