Cant get rid of my razor bumps.

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On the back of my neck. I've tried alcohol and there not going anywhere. Any suggestions?
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i don't know the tried and true method of getting rid of the bumps, but i know how not to get them.

are you black? if so, don't use a straightedge, use clippers.
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.... make sure barbers' clippers are santized well .......... apply witchhazel to your face after every cut ( available @any pharmacy).....and wash yourface with hot water, aveeno soap and a wash rag thoroughly. youre welcome
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Originally Posted by Jiggaman414

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tend skin

stuff works great, forget bump patrol

where can I buy this?
You can get it at most beauty supply stores. OP, use this in combination with ClubMan AntiBump Lotion and you'll never have another
razor bump again, I promise. Just apply them at the same time after everytime you get a cut, if not daily.


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i use an Andis all day I DONT PASS but you not gonna get a close smooth shave like a razor, ya just not. dry shave you not gettin baby smooth

mach 3 turbo or that fusion if you can afford.
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