Caribana 2007


Oct 29, 2000
Hey guys im going to the caribana festival next weekend and i would like to know what are the best things to do out there. what clubs events bars parties will be going on and where will the majority of the action will be. I also would like to know if the Rennisance hotel next to blue jay stadium is a nice hotel. what about the ladies as well. Holla

Oh and how is the weather going to be?
All the clubs are on John and Richmond.

If strip clubs is your thing, they are on Yonge street, north of the Eaton Centre

I think the parade itself is on Lakeshore Blvd.(correct me if I'm mistaken).

Weather is nice in Toronto right now, it's around 25-30 degrees celsius daily.
If you wanna holla at girls, forget clubs just roam Yonge st on the friday/saturday nights.

If you wanna party and ball out then go to clubs, alot of artists and celebrities come into town and throw parties at the clubs.

Expect alot of teeth and eyes​
Hot 97 party at Guv is on sunday,suppose to be really good
alotttttt of ladies are going to this party
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