Cavs fire Mike Brown

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Brown had his chance, much like Doug Collins...he's a good coach, but he's not the guy to get the Cavs to the next level. Ferry has got to be next...not trading for Amare to keep Hickson, bringin in an "old" shaq who didn't really add much. Dudes moves weren't terrible, I think Mo is a good point gaurd and he's put togther the best group of role players in the league besides the celtics. But Bron needs another superstar and Ferry hasn't delivered. If he would have pulled the trigger on stoudamire I think he'd be safe.
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The day all of Cleveland have been waiting for has arrived. Mike Brown shoulda got fired last year. This year it was more of the same dumb rotations, dumb lineups, shiesty doings, panic, terrible at in-game adjustments, a look of confusion, and just flat-out bad coaching. Why didn't he play Moon and Hickson more? Why did he all of sudden start playing Z? Why didn't he play Shaq in the 4th quarter of game 4 when he 21 points through 3 quarters? Why didn't he pull Mo in those games when it was clear he was struggling? There were waaaaayyy too many head scratching decisions he made. Now I hate to see anybody lose their job, especially a black man, but that !#++# had to go. Hopefully the next coach we get won't be a dumb as
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This guy doesn't even know what to say post game
i always
at that too. Like this dude clearly does NOTHING and pays no attention to the game.

Can't wait to see if he talks *%#$.
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Originally Posted by grittyman20

In all fairness to MB, I don't think he's a bad coach...but he definitely has one of, it not the toughest job in the NBA. He has to win and at the same time "please the King"

His defensive schemes are on point, and he may not be a bad offensive coach either but if MB calls a play and Lebron "overrules" it, what is he going to do?

I'm sure he'll get another opportunity in the NBA real soon.
Pretty much dead on. He can coach defense with the best of them, but when it comes to offensive coaching...
. I would really like to know what percentage of the time LeBron is "overruling" him on offensive play calls.
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Let's be real don't have back to back 60+ win seasons just on the strength of Lebron's "greatness" so talk about how Brown isn't a good coach is just ridiculous. Sure he's gotten out-coached on occasions, but what coach hasn't?

Kinda reminds me of Doug Collins and Jordan. Great coach/player relationship but obviously Collins wasn't the guy to take MJ to the next level. That's why I don't think Calipari is seriously being considered for the job...what exactly has he won besides recruiting battles? I have a feeling if Lebron stays it's because Cleveland signs someone like Jeff Van Gundy...could be the same reason why he could sign with Miami to play for a legendary coach like Pat Riley too.
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Just hire Bron to be the coach and get it over with already.  Nobody else can coach "the King" anyways. 
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has this ever happend before coach wins coach of the year next year they get bounced from the playoffs and he is fired
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