Cheap things you do vol. every dollar counts

Mr Dink

formerly foamposite xi
Joined Oct 8, 2012
I ask if I can have the hangers whenever I buy clothes so I don't have to buy any.
I ask for a refill in a to go cup for my soda when I go out to eat at a restaurant.
I tip 10%.
I ask for a refill of popcorn and soda after the movie's over before I leave.
If restaurants give bread with your meal, I ask for those to go, as well.
I stock up on hotel soap whenever I'm on vacation so I don't have to buy any.

Can't think of anymore right now, but I'll add more if I can think if some.

What about you?


formerly oxpenguin
Joined Oct 13, 2012
When I take my ******* to yogurtland, I sneak in a couple more ounces of yogurt when they're not looking.
Joined Dec 2, 2011
I spend stupid money on sneakers

I try not to be cheap in other aspects in life outside shopping some deals at the grocery stores
Joined Aug 14, 2012
-I always hit the sales rack first
-I tip 10 percent. Unless its more than $50, than i just leave a 5 lol
-Its very rare for me to get popcorn at the theaters.
-I think socks are too expensive
-If gas is too expensive i just keep driving with the light on and cross my fingers
Joined Sep 16, 2003
Can this not devolve into another tipping argument y'all?

Cant really think of anything cheap that I do.
Joined Apr 1, 2013
I hate tipping.  I really don't believe in it.  But I do tip, very generously.

Keep all my condiments. 

Buy my socks from those chinese people holding down those outside stores. 2 (packs) for 5. 
Joined Apr 3, 2005
- just to save a couple of cents/dollars, I'll get the store brand of (insert any kinda food you like) as to getting the mainstream brand when I'm food shopping.
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Mr Dink

formerly foamposite xi
Joined Oct 8, 2012
Whenever I'm eating fast food, I make sure to grab extra ketchup, salt, and pepper for the house.
Joined Oct 28, 2005
i thought it was debunked that air conditioning uses gas

i usually get water when i eat out, healthier and save money
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