Chi McBride x Mark Smith x Nike Air Force 1 Air Jordan III

Dec 2, 2006
am i late with this one? man, this is hot..

Don't quote me on this but I think these showed up in a issue of SOLE. Chi had them made if i remember correctly.

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Those are dope dope dope.
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not bad, I like how they have the red eyelets at the bottom, like on the OG 3's.

what's with the blue on the back though?

not bad overall, but probably overpriced.

don't see much of the 3's in these either besides those eyelets, and the white midsole that will eventually yellow and can't be stopped like that toe piece on the 3's.
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they are ok
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interesting look pretty nice.
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they're aightttt. i like the p-rod2s way better.
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i love the tumbled leather that they used on the toe box and side panels
Where were you 8/29/07 ?

those are not bad. one of more decent colorways of forces i have seen.
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one of the illest 1 of 1 af1 made in the world i've actually seen him wear these in person at undftd talked to him about it a little. chi the mann when it comes to ups

materialistic - i love my stuffi love my ups
Im surprised that you all hadn't seen these on a long while ago. Either way, for ya'll that haven't seen the video feature/interview that we did with Chi, check it out:

To learn more about these Chi McBride x Mark Smith Air Jordan III AF1s, peep the full article here:

Shout out to my man Chi. He is a great dude.

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good job, now gr dem
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