COD : WARZONE anyone playing?

Joined Oct 28, 2006
Boneyard is my favorite drop for sure. Followed by Superstore and Farmland. I used to like military a lot, but I hate the surrounding area


Joined Feb 24, 2016
The hardest part of realism is not knowing how many are left(people and teams) outside of your group

Makes final circles hard

Also makes comms a must
Joined Aug 7, 2012
like i said before i only land Super Store window, last night i had somewhat of an idea of the twitch rivals tourney going on maaaaaaan and let me tell you how fun that was

Either streamers (which i did run into) or Stream Snipers looking for the streamers in the tourney

merkjjd shot me out the sky lol that ****er, went back for revenge but him, dougisraw and teepee had UAV with loadouts and Bounty on my teammate.. we got destroyed LOLOL

was hoping i see dr disrespect or tim at super
Joined Dec 18, 2012
Promenade is my go-to starting point but we only play plunder. There’s enough variety in that game mode where the squad will play game after game
Joined Dec 7, 2004
I just started playing the free to play version of warzone about 3 weeks ago for ps4. Looks like they did an update last night. I no longer see the warzone battle mode. Was removing it apart of the update?
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