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Dec 8, 1999
First off, I'd like to thank the generous NT'ers who have supported NikeTalk by donating to the community chest!

For those who don't know:

On December 11th our CSC program runs out, which means that we'll be forced to endure a barrage of pop up ads. If everyone would just donate a few dollars to the chest, we could stop these pop up ads and allow NikeTalk to be Ad Free for everyone.

We need to raise a total of $2078 by December 11th if we want to avoid seeing any ads. So please, don't hesitate to donate if you haven't already. Every donation counts, be it one dollar or one hundred dollars.

If you enjoy all that NT gives to you each and every day, consider giving a little something back.

If we go over our goal, we can use that money to renew the CSC program once it expires, so don't think that your donations will go to waste.

NikeTalk is a community. Everything given by the members comes back FOR the members in the form of a cleaner, faster, advertisement free board for you to enjoy.

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