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Joined Feb 24, 2006
I'm having a problem using my USB ports and/or new drivers being found or installing.

I have Windows Vista and before I just used to attached the USB and the PC will automatically find the drivers and install it ...

Well, lately every piece of hardware I have bought do not want to properly install and the software and/or the drivers aren't being found and/orautomatically install. Even after I do it manually they will not work.

The latest problem I have encounter was after buying a card reader it work for a couple of minutes and then it didn't .. after it stopped working I got aerror message saying USB device not recognizable and it has malfunction, but I have used it in another PC and it works just find ..

Any help to this problem - I mean if any of ya ever heard of it ...

Sorry if I confused you ..

P.S. I will not buy a Mac thanks though!
Joined Dec 2, 2007
Try downloading Driver Cleaner or Driver Sweeper to completely uninstall all of the drivers that have been installed and start over
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