Could Nike AIR PRESSURE be returning for 2015 via NIKE SNKRS APP?

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You would think these were a GR. Still plenty of pairs online. Non in anything over a 11, although I am suprised they haven't sold out. Granted, they are 300.00, but still.
Perhaps they wasn't as limited as we thought.
I wonder how many pairs were available.
I think its the price tag that threw people off.  
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I think its the price tag that threw people off.  
It is the price....$300? thats getting real close to high end sneaker money. I could cop a pair of Margielas at Barneys at that price. On sale that is haha but still....After $250 its getting tougher to swallow 
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I copped on SNKR took a little while, I really like these. I plan on just displaying them in the office. If I get them and the quality is trash ill return and keep it moving. Lots of people were looking to resell these I actually want them. I wouldn't be mad if they released the shoe only for a cheaper price.
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Copped this morning. Being an 80s baby, it was a no brainier. Plus, I have no shot at Air Mags so this is a worthy runner up lol.

But that $327 (after taxes)... I may have buyers remorse and give them up at retail to another older head who appreciates.
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really fam a pair of worn kicks can be returned as long as it was purchased on to any store or returning on ndc?
used you can wear and beat and get a full refund if you return online or to a store within 30 days, if the shoe is brand new you have 1 year. ive returned beat jordans that i wore for 2 weeks on multiple occasions.
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